Thursday 2 March 2017

Pedalboard Phase Four - The Slaves Weep With Joy, For The Hour Of Dedication Draws Near...

A step closer to achieving pedal-ordering clarity. Added an ehx Mellotron pedal, gathered the stereo pedals together towards the rear of the chain so as to make the most ergonomic use of patch cables (and make the most of their 'stereo-ness'), made a better arrangement of the fuzzes, overdrives and distortions at the front end (germanium fuzzes like to be right at the front, other noise boxes can be further in)...

There are two (or is it three, or possibly four?) different FX chains here:

1. signal from xotic compressor (off-screen) into Zvex Fuzz Factory>Karma Suture>Mel9>Pog2>Loop Station> EmpressTape Delay

1a. the dry signal from the Mel 9 goes into the Bitquest>Arpanoid>Boss DD-3>Lo-Fi Junky>Tone job>Loop Station>Empress Tape Delay, with a second direct out going from the Boss Digital Delay if required.

2. signal from Multi Overtone (off-screen top right) into EHX Ravish>Redwitch Chorus>Tera Echo>Obscura Altered Delay>Polara Reverb

2a. A second output goes from the 'sympathetic' out on the Ravish, into a different mixer channel or different amp, as required...


 Here's the front end of the primary fx chain:

OCD overdrive>viscous vibe>big muff>freeze>phase90>adaptive distortion>feedbacker/booster>blues driver>robotalk envelope filter>clusterfuzz>flanger>phase shifter>multi overtone>ravish, etc

The viscous vibe has a second output going straight into the bass input on the flanger, but I'm not sure it adds anything much. Experiments need to be performed to be certain...

Both stereo outputs from the Multi overtone are used, one going into the ravish, one bypassing it and going into the tera echo.

I might move the freeze pedal out front for better stompage (and connect it to the direct out from the boss delay so it can send its frozen soundgrabs to a seperate channel for improved clarity). I think the karma suture will work better in its place.

These are the pedals that are always on, so they can sit over here and not clutter the board:

The guitar goes into the switchblade, and the two outputs go into two different compressors, one for each fx chain

The philosopher's tone (which has a flippin' amazing sustain) goes into the OCD. The xotic sp goes into the fuzz factory.

The polytune powers the switchblade, which in turn has a hardwired connection to the polytune, which means it has a pure signal and doesn't need its output socket to go anywhere.

Both fx chains go through the RC-30 loop station, which is useful for grabbing and layering what I'm doing, and adding a rudimentary drumbeat, and saving it all in a form that can be farted about with in logic or in the jungulator itself...