More Abnego

Instagram - Me on Instagram, ongoing projects updated sometimes

Flickr - Some pics.

Flickr - Some more pics.

Hamilton House - The physical place where I physically work.

Stokes Croft - It is what it is. I've watched it change over 24 years.

My Cards are printed by Redcliffe

My prints are made by Niche

I Am The Mighty Jungulator

A complex and confusing electronick audiovisual thingy, with my mate Matt...

My IATMJ blog - Mostly music, video and pictures, an attempt at an archive.

Matt's IATMJ blog - The more technical fiddly-pokery side of things.

IATMJ Store - Buy/download our music here. Some things are also FREE.

His Majesty's Prism - A double album behemoth. Our most cohesive statement.

You can also buy it on  iTunes and Amazon

Not Me but I like

Cardiacs - They are worthy of laudation.

Matte Shot - Hollywood matte art. Nom nom.

Ballardian - exploring the tropes and motifs found in the work of J.G. Ballard.

StSanders - Because Shredding is inherently funny.

The Quietus - A magazine about music that is good

Robert Calvert - Poet, Madman, Genius.

Prelinger Archive - endlessly fascinating moving image collection

Mikey Welsh - RIP. Painted Good Paintings. Played bass with Weezer for a bit.

Nathan Barley - It used to be funny but now it's real

Tiling - Because why not.