Friday 7 April 2017

Hive Exhibition

There's an exhibition on in the gallery space featuring the work of a number of Hamilton House artists, myself included.

Here's the blurb, reprinted in full as it concerns the future of the building and its tenants:

On the 22nd November 2016, users and tenants of Bristol’s iconic Hamilton House were informed that a community asset lock had been triggered by building owners Connolly & Callaghan, thus signalling an intent to sell the building. Coexist, the team that manages Hamilton House, have since been working on a bid to secure the building that aims to encompass a vision of it’s future best serving the local community of Stokes Croft.
Over the past 8 years since it was formed, Hamilton House has been an ever evolving space catering to huge numbers of artists, designers and independent businesses; each of which helping to shape the life and soul of a building that exudes it’s presence across Stokes Croft and Bristol. 
It currently houses over 200 tenants spread throughout a vast web of studio spaces, with an additional 200 more on an ever growing waiting list to join. The demand for collective space within Bristol is clearly felt, and yet on a national scale we have seen buildings such as Hamilton House become ever-more scarce. 
It is vital then, that we highlight the cultural and creative significance of buildings such as Hamilton House, if we want to ensure a place for them in our future. 
For this exhibition we have asked a range of artists who currently occupy space within Hamilton House, to contribute a work that expresses their own vision of the building as a shared creative space, or ‘Hive’. 
This is both a celebration of Hamilton House itself, but also of the culture and creative force that is nurtured within collective spaces such as this. 
While the future of Hamilton House may remain uncertain, it’s value, and the value of shared creative space in general, should not be questioned. 
All works for sale will be donating 50% of profits made to Coexist, contributing towards their bid to secure the building. 

There will be an opening night for this event with drinks at 7PM on Friday 7th April 2017.