Friday 16 October 2015

New Guitar Pedal Board Project

I'm assembling a new pedalboard scenario.

I've been using a Line6 Pod XT Pro for a couple of years and, nice as that is, I'm pining for the prairies of dedicated pedaldom. I want individual units that do one thing really well - I'll be proceeding slowly and methodically, picking pedals up second hand where possible, new if necessary. 
Here's the situation at the moment, using the bottom section of an old flight case as a temporary 'pedalboard'. 

So far we have an Electroharmonix Germanium Big Muff, a Boss Tera Echo, LoopStation, Blues Driver Phase Shifter and Digital Delay. Shortly, these will be joined by a Zvex Fuzz Factory, a Fulltone OCD, a Boss Compression/Sustainer and an MXR Phase 90.

It's going to sound like J G Ballard in a DMT windtunnel...