Saturday 22 August 2015

Cultural Reference Point #30 - Blue Öyster Cult 1972 -1981

Simultaneously over-egged and underrated, meta-intellectual and dumb as dirt, a confused and esoteric Moorcockian/Ballardian 'band-as-myth' construct. Everything they threw out between 1972 and 1981 is fascinating, but the first three albums are arguably the muthalode.

See Julian Cope's excellent appraisal (and suggested intro-compilation) here for more information...

  • Patti Smith Invocation
  • Transmaniacon MC (from BLUE OYSTER CULT)
  • Before the Kiss, a Redcap (from BLUE OYSTER CULT)
  • Screams (from BLUE OYSTER CULT)
  • Subhuman (from SECRET TREATIES)
  • Hot Rails to Hell (from TYRANNY & MUTATION)
  • M.E. 262 (from SECRET TREATIES)
  • OD'd on Life Itself (from BLUE OYSTER CULT)
  • The Red & The Black (from TYRANNY & MUTATION)
  • Workshop of the Telescopes (from BLUE OYSTER CULT)
  • Flaming Telepaths (from SECRET TREATIES)